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---- Workbench 2.1 ----
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Release Date:  November/December 1992
Shiped With: 
Amiga 600, available as update

Major enhancements:

Released as an upgrade during the last few months of 1992, the release had a number of improvements, including the first signs of Localisation, standardised screenmode requester, reduced memory usage, more efficient ASL.library, and inclusion of Consultron's CrossDOS as standard. The popular speech software, "Say", narrator.device, and translator.library were dropped allegedly due to a disagreement between Commodore and SoftVoice, Inc. The upgrade consisted of a 5 FFS disk package, using the standard 2.x ROMs. The disk pack consisted of  Amiga Workbench, Amiga Extras, Amiga Fonts, Locale, and the Install Disk.


WB2.1.gif (17841 bytes)

Workbench Screen