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---- Workbench 1.3 ----
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Release Date:  1988
Shiped With: 
Amiga 500, 2000, available as update.
Kickstart:  Kickstart v34.5

Major enhancements:

Two OFS DS/DD diskettes were shipped with the A500 and A2000 versions. The A1000 upgrade included an extra disk.
It improved on a number of functions, adding memory autoconfig, support for booting from devices other than DF0: and most notably the Shell was added. This allowed access to files that did not have an icon. More utilities were included on the disk, with the addition of FixFonts, More, CMD, MergeMem, ClockPtr, Install Printer, and Print Files. The Boing demo is particularly entertaining.

The OS also shipped a number of devices and handlers that improved communication. Mountlists were added allowing access to other types of media besides the floppy disk. This allowed applications to access devices in an OS friendly fashion - AUX-Handler (AUX:) to access unbuffered serial, PIPE-Handler (PIPE:) for transferring data between programs, clipboard.device (CLIPS:), an implementation of the Clipboard, and SPEAK-Handler (SPEAK:) for dictating files. This release also introduced FastFileSystem (FFS). This was a faster filesystem primarily for use with hard disks. It increased the amount of data accessible by the system and improved the access time. The only disadvantage was that it was not possible to boot from an FFS device in this release.

During 1990 a number of bug fixes were issued that made the release more stable. The AmigaBASIC program was taken out due to incompatibilities with the 68020+ processor.


Kickstart1.3.gif (4178 bytes) WB1.3.gif (16992 bytes)
Kickstart Screen (1.3 Logo) Workbench Screen
(Note the redesign of all icons)