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---- Workbench 1.2 ----
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Release Date:  1986/1987
Shiped With: 
Amiga 500, 2000, available as update
New ROM (256KB, or Kickstart disk for A1000)

Major enhancements:

Version 1.2 of Workbench was a minor upgrade that improved on autoconfig and the system's stability.  The Amiga development team were becoming increasing annoyed at Commodore's insistence on cheapening and 'dumbing down' the Amiga.  A secret message says it all:  "We made Amiga, They f------ it up."

The latest A500s and A2000s were shipped with this release.  Icons were now visible when being dragged, dispensing with the red crosshair and the RAM disk appeared.  The RAM disk acted as a virutal This provided a virtual disk drive, cutting down on disk swapping.


Kick1.2.gif (4158 bytes) WB1.2.gif (13342 bytes)
Kickstart Screen
(Note 1.2 Logo)
Workbench Screen
(RAM disk now visible)