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---- Workbench 1.1 ----
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Release Date:  December 1985
Shiped With: 
Amiga 1000, available as update
v31.34 (NTSC), v32.34 (PAL)

Major enhancements:

The 1.1 version of Workbench was a small bug fix of version 1.0 and was shipped with Amiga 1000s although it was also available as an update.  Kickstart had to be loaded from disk before the workbench could be booted.

This version of Workbench was still quite basic and it had it's limitations.  For example - you could not see files that did not have an icon and it also did not show icons while dragging files, changing to a red crosshair (see 1.0). To demonstrate the capabilities of the OS, there were 3 small demos that drew random dots, boxes, or lines.  Although basic now, in 1985 it was considered very impressive to animate graphics and multitask at the same time.

Two versions of Workbench 1.1 were released - one for NTSC and a later version for PAL.


Kick1.1.gif (4030 bytes)
Kickstart Screen
(Same as 1.0)
Contents of 1.1
Extras Disk
Preferences Screen 1.1 Startup Screen