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---- X-Copy Catridge ----
Amiga-Online! >> Amiga Info >> X-Copy Cartridge DIY Project


1 First step is to get your material.  You will need a 23 way D-Type male and female connector.  These are not manufactured anyone so will have to be ordered from a specialist shop such as this one, based in the UK.  You will also need a very small black project box which can be bought for under 2.00 from any Maplins store.  Also, you will need the X-Copy software.
2 So you have all your materials.  Now you must mark-out your holes for the D-Type connectors to fit in.  You could either saw them out, or if you have acess to a machine shop, mill them.
3 Attach the connectors firmly in place.
4 Wire the connectors up using the schematics.
5 Attach the lid and connect it to your Amiga.
6 Now you can use the X-Copy software to copy EVERY game!!!!