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---- Amiga Joystick Guide ----
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An all time classic, the Zipstick seems to be about the favourite classic joystick among Amiga enthuisiasts.  With an 8 way steel shaft combined with the rubber suction feet, enclosed micro switches  and "Triple Fire Action", the Zipstick is incredibly durable and long lasting.

Comp Pro

Very similar in design to the Zipstick


The Bug


These are a personal favourite of mine.  Great when playing Grand Prix and Lotus.  As you can see, there are three different pedals which can b programmed using the slider switches in the centre.  You can set it up for racing games; right for accelerate, middle for brake and left for gear change.  You can also set it up for flight sims with the left and right pedals being used to control the rudder, like a real plane.

Plugs into your parallel port and lets many Amiga games have upto 4 players - 4 Joysticks required