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---- Amiga 1200 ----
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In October 1992 the A1200 was launched. This took the A500 approach to computing with the "distinct" Commodore case, but including the AGA chipset present in the A4000, 2mb ram, and the PCMCIA slot from the A600.

At the price of 399 it sold like hot cakes and is seen as one of the best Amigas to date. It appears to have been rushed to launch for the Christmas period with manuals claiming to give you the opportunity to upgrade from 1mb to 2mb chip ram with FPU. It is however, a darn fine machine that can be easily upgraded for most of your needs.

After Escom bought the Amiga during 1995 it was relaunched to mass outrage. The machine still cost 399, 150 more than it had a year previously and was not enhanced in any dramatic fashion. It was released in two versions- the Amiga Magic pack and the Amiga Surfer bundle. Unfortunately, the former was never released due to Escoms financial situation. The Escom Amigas were also struck by incompatibility problems due to a different disk drive being used, it was actually a PC high-density drive mechanism that had been altered to allow compatibility with the Amiga filesystem. Unfortunately, some games that hit the hardware directly would not run. A circuit upgrade was released free of charge that allowed users to fix the drive problem.

----Technical Specs ----